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Case Pilots has become a leading legal tech company in our field, offering a comprehensive solution for class action and group litigation claims – Case Pilots Navigator (CPNav). CPNav is a cutting-edge platform that automates and streamlines the entire process of managing class action claims, from client conversion to settlement distribution.

With CPNav, you can leverage our expertise and technology to handle complex logistics, maximise efficiencies, and deliver value to your clients. Whether you are dealing with data protection, emissions, equal pay, financial, gig economy, shareholder, securities, bitcoin/cryptocurrency or any other type of class action claim, CPNav can help you achieve optimal results.

Case Pilots Navigator

Case Pilots Navigator is a cloud-based solution that enables you to handle legal claims at scale easily and efficiently. Whether you are dealing with opt-in or opt-out claims, Case Pilots Navigator offers you a comprehensive suite of tools to manage every aspect of the claim process. Built on enterprise-class technology by a team of experts in the UK Class Action regime, Case Pilots Navigator is the ultimate platform for your legal claim needs.

  • Claims Management

    At the heart of Case Pilots Navigator is our ability to manage millions of claims with maximum operational efficiency, enabling law firms to become more agile and reduce the complexity of claimant management tasks without increasing costs.

    Bespoke "line of claim" automated workflows mean that we can quickly map and work with the most complicated cases with no overhead to the legal teams we work with.

  • Claimant Portal

    With our claimant portal, you can easily connect with your potential clients online. Our portal is integrated with our claims management software through our Navigator API, allowing you to streamline the onboarding and verification processes for your claimants. You can also access digital marketing data to monitor and optimise claimant engagement and outreach strategies.

  • Lawyer Portal

    Manage your claimant cases online with our Lawyer Portal. Get clear and comprehensive data from our claims management software through our Navigator API. Save time and resources on administrative tasks, and focus more on the legal aspects of your cases. Analyse and report on various factors of your claimants' cases using our easy-to-use portal interface.

  • Funder Portal

    If you are looking for a smart and simple way to finance litigation in the UK and worldwide, Case Pilots Navigator Funders Portal is for you. Our portal connects funders directly with law firms’ claims management software, with the ability to report in real time and generate insights. With our Funders Portal, you can invest in class action and group litigation with confidence and convenience.

  • Navigator API

    Our APIs allow for bi-directional integration for law firms and software partners. With a unique ability to sit between "line of claim" processes, our API leverages a legal team's use of technology to enable a flexible approach to case management. Use existing in-house software or match products from the Case Pilots Navigator suit to provide the best outcome for the claimant.

  • eDiscovery & eDisclosure

    If you are a UK law firm involved in a class or collective action, you know how challenging it can be to manage large volumes of electronically stored information (ESI) for disclosure purposes. Whether you need assistance with identifying, preserving, collecting, filtering, reviewing or disclosing ESI, we have the expertise and technology to help you achieve your goals and the best outcomes for your class actions and group litigation.

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