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Shieldpay, the market leading fintech solving complex B2B payments, has today announced its partnership with Case Pilots, an acclaimed provider of claims administration services, to integrate Shieldpay’s digital mass disbursements payment service into Case Pilots’ legaltech solution.

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Case Pilots is a company providing various services related to legal claims. They offer services like notice and administration planning, class member outreach, claims administration, and settlement disbursement. They specialize in handling both opt-in and opt-out claims regardless of the venue, jurisdiction, or legal framework. Additionally, Case Pilots has developed a legal tech called Case Pilots Navigator, which offers a comprehensive suite of claims automation products.

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We are delighted to announce that we recently achieved certification to Cyber Essentials Plus certification, the higher level qualification forming part of the UK Government-backed Cyber Essentials Scheme. In order to achieve certification to Cyber Essentials Plus, a third party hands-on technical verification was conducted to ensure Case Pilots fully met the requirements of five basic control areas (access control, secure configuration, software updates, malware protection and firewalls and routers).

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