Clare and Natasha W co-authored an article for the Year in Review 2021 issue of the ThoughtLeader4 Disputes magazine, in which they wrote about the recent developments in UK class actions. 

Clare Ducksbury and Natasha Wootton co-authored an article for the ‘Year in Review 2021’ issue of the ThoughtLeaders4 Disputes magazine, in which they wrote about the recent developments in UK class actions. They highlighted the three collective actions that were recently given the green light to proceed in the Competition Appeal Tribunal, which they see as trailblazers in the mass claims arena, promoting a new wave in the UK justice system.

They also discussed the need for UK citizens to have access to justice the same was as those in the EU, and the importance of protecting and compensating consumers in the UK, especially after Brexit. The article explores the benefits of class actions and how they can provide compensation for consumers who have suffered as a result of corporate wrongdoings.

Clare and Natasha also spoke about the challenges of collective proceedings, where no framework or established regime exists, and they highlight the complexities of lodging aggregated claims for redress outside the competition space. Finally, they both argue that without the opt-out class action regime, the scales of justice for consumers in the UK cannot be balanced.

You can read the full article here on page 34 of the magazine: Year in Review - ThoughtLeaders4

Published: Tuesday, 21 December 2021
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