Fintech leader Shieldpay has partnered with claims services provider Case Pilots to integrate Shieldpay’s digital mass disbursements payment service into Case Pilots’ legaltech solution. The collaboration streamlines the collective action market, offering law firms an all-in-one tool for managing claims and compensations in both opt-in and opt-out cases across the UK and Europe.

Shieldpay, the market leading fintech solving complex B2B payments, has today announced its partnership with Case Pilots, an acclaimed provider of claims administration services, to integrate Shieldpay’s digital mass disbursements payment service into Case Pilots’ legaltech solution.

This will allow Case Pilots’ platform to benefit from the automation and security of Shieldpay’s payment engine, providing law firms with an all-in-one tool to both manage claims and pay out compensation awards, for both opt-in and opt-out cases, across the UK and Europe.

The partnership marries together a highly secure, regulated payments entity that has extensive knowledge of handling high volume, high value B2B transactions with a specialist legal technology platform built and managed by a team of collective action market experts.

Together, Case Pilots and Shieldpay are delivering a near frictionless process which addresses some of the key challenges of the fast-evolving class action market. By integrating the digital platforms, claimants are gaining greater ease and comfort throughout the litigation process, as well as a faster speed of redress with compensation payments made directly into their bank accounts.

Daniel Dunne, Head of Partnerships, Shieldpay, said:

“We are excited to be working with Case Pilots to forge new opportunities in the collective action space and support this fast-evolving industry through digital innovation. Through our platform integration, law firms will be more efficient and able to effectively manage the rising number of claims they are working on while improving their service levels to claimants.”

Claire Van der Zant, Revenue Director, Shieldpay adds:

“Our partnership with Case Pilots hits right at the heart of Shieldpay’s vision to solve the world’s complex payments with technology, pioneering what great looks like for this emerging area of litigation in the UK and Europe across the next 5 years. Core to both Case Pilots’ and Shieldpay’s values is delivering the best experiences for clients and claimants, and we’re excited to be the first movers in leading world-class, technology-led group action payouts.”

Clare Ducksbury, CEO, Case Pilots, commented:

“This first of its kind partnership is pushing the industry forward into a new era, one that is well overdue and absolutely essential to meet the new demands of the changing collective action regime across the world.

“There are great synergies between the two teams, and we share the same mission. Together, we are breaking ground in the transformation of the group litigation market, moving towards a fully automated, digitised claims process that meets the needs of claimants.”

Published: Tuesday, 11 October 2022
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