Explore the latest legal endeavours and achievements in Case Pilots' Autumn Update. From spearheading an Australian class action against the Department of Child Safety to insights shared at the Global Class Actions Symposium, discover our commitment to legal excellence and impactful advocacy. Join us on this journey of innovation and dedication in the ever-evolving legal landscape.

As we enter the winter months, we want to reflect on an impactful Autumn, marked by significant achievements and invaluable industry insights.   

Meta and Dr. Liza Gormsen  
Case Pilots is now the appointed claims administrator for a groundbreaking class action led by international competition law expert Dr. Liza Lovdahl Gormsen against Meta, representing affected UK Facebook users. This major legal challenge, seeking a minimum of £2.1 billion in damages, centres on allegations that Meta abused its market dominance, impacting as many as 46 million UK Facebook users. 

In this class action, filed by Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP, Facebook is accused of exploiting its users' personal data and imposing unfair terms, all under the guise of 'free' social network access. This case, representing the first of its kind against Meta in the UK under the Competition Act, is a significant move to address the exploitation of consumers in digital markets. 

In our role, Case Pilots are harnessing our expertise in the UK opt-out space to manage the complexities of essential notice and administration, data management and claims processes in this high-profile case. Case Pilots involvement underscores our capability in handling multifaceted legal challenges, especially in cases with profound implications for consumer rights and corporate accountability. 

Case Pilots Downunder 
Partnering with Bottoms English Lawyers (BELAW), Case Pilots plays a significant role in a class action against the Australian Department of Child Safety (DOCS), centring on the rights of Indigenous communities in Queensland. Initiated by complaints from First Nations families, the action charges DOCS with breaching the Racial Discrimination Act 1975, particularly in their handling of family connections and cultural practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. 

The class action, addressing two distinct groups - children in the protection system and parents - focuses on DOCS' alleged failures in family reunification and cultural support. Case Pilots' role is pivotal, leveraging our CPNav software to efficiently gather essential data and provide comprehensive assistance to BELAW. Our expertise in crafting tailored technical solutions swiftly across multiple jurisdictions is a key reason for our engagement in this significant case, demonstrating our commitment to effective and sensitive legal support. 

Global Class Actions Symposium Highlight

Our Chief Information Officer, Clinton Smith, was invited to participate in the Global Class Actions Symposium on 13 - 14 November, an annual gathering of practitioners and thought-leaders discussing latest trends and best practices in the ever-growing class action space. 

The panel, led by Claire Van der Zant of Shieldpay, underscored the paramount importance of communication and transparent collaboration for all parties involved in a claim. Polly Blenkin of Millberg London LLP highlighted the importance of accurate client data and tailored payouts for diverse demographics, emphasising the need to customise payouts to ensure inclusivity and fairness for all parties involved.   

Clinton Smith delved into the intricacies of notice and administration plans, especially the challenges posed by high volume payouts in opt-out claims. His expertise highlighted the meticulous process of identifying the class and formulating a comprehensive strategy for disbursement. Addressing challenges head-on, he emphasised how collaboration with payment providers and specialists, including budget considerations, are key to an effective distribution process. 

The Symposium, organised by Global Legal Group, was not just an exchange of ideas but a platform where industry leaders converged to enhance the efficiency and fairness of class action processes.  
Celebrating 1000 Followers  

In tandem with our Symposium experience, we're thrilled to share that we have reached a fantastic milestone of 1000 followers on our LinkedIn page!  

A heartfelt thank you to each member of our growing community. Our team takes immense pride in offering strategic support and successful outcomes for litigation and claims administration.   

Published: Friday, 24 November 2023
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